Uncategorized September 17, 2019

What I’ve learned – Getting a Buyer to Fall in Love with your Home

Here’s an interesting observation about our purchases – They are driven primarily by emotion, not by logic. Even our biggest decisions, including buying a home, are emotional.

When it comes to selling your home, it is emotional, too. You put allot of time and love into your home over many years.  You want others to love it, as well.

For you, the seller, it is very exciting when you see the FOR SALE sign go up in your yard.  Your REALTOR has listed your home on the Multi-Listing Site. You’ve probably got Open Houses planned. You can visualize sitting in the closing room of the Title Company, signing the contracts. You are anxiously awaiting to see your bank account get really healthy.

When selling, most of us have common goals – Sell it fast and sell it for a great price.  But how do we get you there in the easiest way? In other words, how do we sell fast, for top dollar?

To accomplish this, it means we need to tap into the emotions of your buyer.  It is not likely that they are going to make their decision, solely based on the detail on a piece of paper or a brochure.  Their decision is, most likely, going to be based on how they feel about your home when they are there.  So, how do we get them to fall in love with your home and want to make you a good offer?


I have bought and sold several homes in my lifetime.  The last 3 have each sold in less than a week, for close to, or over, asking price.  As a matter of fact, the last house we sold, we had 13 showings on Day 1 and 3 solid offers.  We had a couple give us an offer over our list price. When we took several hours to respond, they raised their offer, even higher. They never realized that their first offer was already the highest offer and they outbid themselves.  My husband I  have figured out our secret formula and we have stuck to it, because it works.

The first question to ask yourself (and be honest) is are you wanting top dollar or are you wanting to sell it as a fixer upper?  I bet most of you will say top dollar.  And, if that is your answer, then you’ve got to put in the effort to get it.


There are a few steps in the process that make getting the highest price much easier.

  • First, hire a good REALTOR with a brokerage that has a strong marketing plan that includes advertiseing your home on dozens of websites. Today, over 80% of homebuyers start their search on the internet.
  • Next, make sure you price it right, for to price it too high, will insure it sits on the market longer and you’ll, more than likely, sell it at a lower price.
  • Plan Open Houses. Ask your REALTOR to insure that the host is an expert at engaging  potential buyers.  You are much more likely to have happy customers at an Open House, if the host makes everyone feel welcome, vs. sitting on their Tablet or Laptop and rarely looking up.


These are all important steps.  And, they were part of our success plan.  But, to me, just as important, before you get to any of these,  is to make sure your HOME IS READY TO SELL!

Warning, this takes planning, time and hard work, but I promise it will be worth it.  So…

  • Walls – if they need painting, paint them  – doors, baseboards, cabinets, too.  If you choose to only touch-up paint, make sure it matches the original paint exactly.  It is a turn-off if the touch-up paint doesn’t match and  potential buyers see all the touch-up spots.  This makes them think they have to re-paint.
  • Flooring – if your carpet is worn and dirty or wood floors need repair, clean, repair or replace them.  If you don’t, buyers will see $$$ leaving their wallet.
  • Kitchen and Baths  – if they need a face-lift, take the time to make sure they look the best they can.  Kitchens and Baths sell homes.
  • Curb Appeal – Make sure your windows sparkle, sidewalks & driveways are clean (power washed), the grass is green and mowed, and plants are alive and watered. This is how you make a great first impression.  And, you only get one shot at it.
  • Finishing Touches – closets should be 1/2 empty (so they look bigger) and the house needs to smell fresh when anyone walks in.  Not everyone is an animal lover and, even if they are, they don’t want to smell your pets.

You don’t have to spend allot of money, but you do need to invest your time.  It is much easier if you do all of these, prior to signing your Listing Agreement with your chosen REALTOR.  Remember you also want to make a great firest impression on your REALTOR.  Think back to how the home looked when you bought it.  Would you have bought it if it weren’t in the best condition?  Maybe, but probably not for top dollar.

By taking the time to do all of these things, potential buyers will have the best chance at falling in love with your home and wanting it to be their next home. And, that is exactly what you want.